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Herman Dolce, Jr. was born in New York and later migrated to Philadelphia. He is a Husband and father to two beautiful daughters. Herman holds a Master Degree in Human Services from Lincoln University & aBaccalaureate Degree in Business Communication from Temple University.


As  a Credit Educator in 2017 Herman took a leap of faith and founded Bella Sloan Enterprises. His company educates clients how to build and structure legal businesses, how to repair personal credit and leverage their credit to cash. Herman has changed people’s lives through his credit education and mentoring program. 


In this time, Bella Sloan Enterprises has grown to over 5,000 credit repair clients and has funded over 65 millions dollars 


In 2020 The Execute Podcast with was birthed. The purpose of this podcast is to show good bad, and ugly of the entrepreneur journey.


Herman is also a published author. His book,” Start Up: Inside Secrets on Building Your Business Credit, is an amazing manual on how entrepreneurs can learn how business credit was created, and how to build it for their own companies, utilizing the channels of personally guaranteeing it, or just building it up only using your business’ EIN. 


Herman number one vision is to educate people to the many advantages and benefits that comes with having good credit.

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